Application Process

Our residency positions are filled through the Ophthalmology Matching Program. The next available positions will start internship July 1, 2017 and residency July 1, 2018.  These positions will be filled through the Ophthalmology Matching Program process in the Fall of 2017. Applications may be submitted to the Ophthalmology Matching Program at

Important Dates to Remember

  1. We must receive the San Francisco Match Application file and and a short secondary application to be completed once you have applied to our program by September 15, 2017 for you to be considered for an interview. This secondary application consists of a maximum 400 word statement describing why you wish to pursue your residency education at the University of Kentucky. This statement can be submitted to our program coordinator. Please view our program description on SF Match for more details regarding the secondary application.
  2. Invitations to interview will be mailed out Early October 2017. There are 4 positions available.
  3. Ophthalmology Resident Interviews for Fall 2017 will be held on November 3, November 6, November 17 and December 1.

Questions by phone or email may be directed to the Residency Program Coordinator, Olivia Turner, at or (859) 218-2631.