Effect of erythorbate, storage and high-oxygen packaging on premature browning in ground beef.

Redox instability induced by 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal in porcine and bovine myoglobins at pH 5.6 and 4 degrees C.

Lipid-oxidation-induced carboxymyoglobin oxidation.

Proteomics of lipid oxidation-induced oxidation of porcine and bovine oxymyoglobins.

Frozen storage stability of antioxidant-treated raw restructured beef steaks made from mature cows.

Effect of lactate-enhancement, modified atmosphere packaging, and muscle source on the internal cooked colour of beef steaks.

Effect of carbon monoxide packaging and lactate enhancement on the color stability of beef steaks stored at 1°C for 9 days.

Characterization of bison (Bison bison) myoglobin.

Color-stabilizing effect of lactate on ground beef is packaging-dependent.

Effects of lactate and modified atmospheric packaging on premature browning in cooked ground beef patties.