Picture Name Affiliation Position Office Phone Number
Claire E Fraser Ophthalmology Clinical Faculty E320 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
Susan Nicole Fugate-Buchh Ophthalmology Patient Relations Assistant/UKHC C301 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
Adrena Fuller Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Technician I/UKHC 110 Conn Terrace
Tina R Gilbert Ophthalmology Patient Services Coordinator/UKHC Ky Clinic 859-218-2609
Melissa S. Goins Ophthalmology UK Manchester Eye Care 859-218-6911
Tonya Griffeth Ophthalmology Patient Relations Assistant/UKHC STE 203 1760 Nicholasville Rd 859-323-7101
Peggy C Haggard Ophthalmology Optician/UKHC
Mike H Hanson Ophthalmology Photographer Medical/UKHC C301 Ky Clinic 859-218-2626
Nicole Harbour Ophthalmology Patient Relations Assistant I/UKHC Ky Clinic 859-218-6344
David Harris, III Ophthalmology Resident
Kenneth Hayden Ophthalmology Optician/UKHC K126 Ky Clinic 859-323-8510
Lora Helton Ophthalmology Medical Records Chart Coord Sr./UKHC Ky Clinic 859-218-2606
Eric Benjamin Higgins Ophthalmology Clinical Faculty E323 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
Victoria Ann Hill Ophthalmology Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC E-328 Ky Clinic 859-218-2644
Terri Hudson Ophthalmology Patient Services Coordinator/UKHC STE 203 1760 Nicholasville Rd 859-257-5354
James Matthew Huffman Ophthalmology Interns/Residents 740 S. Limestone, Room C301 (859) 323-5867
James S Hunsaker Ophthalmology Clinical Faculty UK Manchester Eye Care 859-218-6906
Yvonne Renee James Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Technician II/UKHC C365 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
LaKisha LaShawn Smith Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Technician III/UKHC C364 Ky Clinic 859-218-2620
Tina C. Jones Ophthalmology UK Manchester Eye Care
Kyung Sik Jung Ophthalmology Research Analyst Sr/UKHC
Linda Katz Ophthalmology Part Time Faculty 100 John Sutherland Drive, Ste 3 859-881-1400
Douglas Katz Ophthalmology, Lions Eye Bank of Lexington Clinical Faculty STE 203 1760 Nicholasville Rd 859-323-7101
David Keown, CPC, OCS Ophthalmology, Lions Eye Bank of Lexington Administrative Support Associate I/UKHC E-319 Ky Clinic 859-218-2639
Richard A Kielar Ophthalmology Post-Retirement Faculty C355 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
Tammy Renee King Ophthalmology Patient Relations Associate/UKHC 920 Barnes Mills Road, Suite D Richmond, KY 40475 859-257-9787
Robinette King Ophthalmology Scientist II/UKHC 252 HSRB 859-257-3902
Mark E Kleinman, M.D. Ophthalmology Regular Faculty E312 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
Ashley Nicole Lathrem Ophthalmology Patient Relations Assistant/UKHC 110 Conn Terrace (859) 218-2605
Marilyn Lawson Ophthalmology Medical Records Correspond Clerk/UKHC Ky Clinic 859-218-2623
Stacie M. Lawson Ophthalmology Patient Services Coordinator/UKHC 800 Rose St
Dingyuan Lou Ophthalmology Laboratory Technician Senior/UKHC 252 HSRB 859-323-9819
Jennifer Leigh Marshall Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Technician III/UKHC C301 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
Deborah A McDonald Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Technician III/UKHC C301 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867
Amy Michele Miller Ophthalmology Ophthalmic Technician I/UKHC C301 Ky Clinic 859-323-5867