Current Fellow

Dr. Ryan Smith (2017 – 2018)

Why did you choose the University of Kentucky Glaucoma Fellowship program?
I chose the fellowship program because of the people. The faculty are all very approachable and collegial. I knew that they would develop me into a better clinician and surgeon, as well a coach me through different employment options at the end of training.

What do you like about the Glaucoma Fellowship program?
Similar to the residency program, the surgical volume is very good, and you get exposure to three different opinions on how to approach treatment of patient population.

Words of wisdom for inquiring applicants:
This program has a great amount of clinical and surgical pathology with a large catchment area of patients coming from throughout the state for care. The facilities are very impressive and the clinical and support staff have been excellent.

What are your Hobbies and interests?
I love spending time with my family (see photo) and exploring Kentucky heritage.