Current Fellow

Alex Cherry MD (2019, 2020)

Fellowship Summary:

Fellowship characteristics that drew me to University of Kentucky Glaucoma:

  • Mix of private and academic
  • Faculty at different stages of career
  • Varied approaches to surgery
  • Good split of clinic and surgery for continuity
  • Vast majority of cases as primary surgeon
  • Heavier focus on clinical time and training over research
  • Access to VA for moonlighting opportunities
  • Access to rural clinical care for glaucoma
  • Opportunities to teach and mentor residents
  • Low call (~3 weeks) and administrative burden
  • Excellent support staff
  • Guaranteed salary (pgy-5) and benefits

Dr. Austin Taylor (2018 – 2019)

Why did you choose the University of Kentucky Glaucoma Fellowship program?
I chose the fellowship program because as soon as I stepped through the door it felt like home. There was a warmness to this place. Everyone seemed happy from the front office staff to the physicians and everyone in between. The attendings are approachable and extrememly helpful, and the residents are in constant high spirits. In addition to the overall atomsphere, UK is the cener of advanced healthcare in Kentucky. Being from central Appalachia, I wanted to gain as much experience as possible treating the poeple that reside in this beautiful part of the country.

What do you like about the Glaucoma Fellowship program?
There are three attendings which dedicate their time to teach the fellow. They trained at different institutions and at different intervals so they have different ways of doing things. Each atending has subtle differences in the way that they manage patients and perform surgeries. I'm privileged to learn different techniques to the same surgeries and will undoubtedly be proficient and possess a variety of techniques in glaucoma surgery at the end of fellowhsip.

Words of wisdom for inquiring applicants:
Research each place that you apply to for fellowship in order to make sure that it is a good fit for you. Each program has its own atmosphere which is effected by the region that the program is located along with the personalities of the attendings and residents. I would recommend getting the application in as early as possible and be yourself during the interview.

What are your Hobbies and interests?
I enjoy being a husband and a father, playing with my children, watching football, playing disc golf, and more or less anything outdoors.