Pediatric Fellowship Information

Clinical Experience

Approximately 50% of the fellow’s time will be spent in clinic, with the majority being at UK Advanced Eye Care in our new state-of-the-art facility in Shriner’s Hospital. This facility boasts of 6 dedicated pediatric lanes and 4 dedicated pediatric technician work-up rooms. Ancillary testing, including OCT, B-scan ultrasonography, fluorescein angiography and photography are readily available. Our location within UK Advanced Eye Care also gives us access to other specialists within the Department of Ophthalmology, including Dr. Ramiro Maldonado, our ophthalmic geneticist, who performs both in-office and sedated ERGs in children, as well as genetic testing and counseling. The fellow’s clinical time will be divided among a dedicated fellow clinic, as well as time with each faculty member to gain experience in patient management from multiple perspectives. There will also be opportunities to experience clinical practice at one of our many satellite clinics a few times a month.

Surgical Experience

The fellow can expect to be operating two to three days weekly. The fellow will be expected to perform well-over the 75 required strabismus cases, including complex strabismus. The fellow will also be expected to perform pediatric cataract extraction, lacrimal duct procedures, intraocular lens implantation, glaucoma procedures, ptosis repair, retinopathy of prematurity laser, bevacizumab injections and trauma. All of our surgeons operate in the University of Kentucky Center for Advanced Surgery, University of Kentucky Main OR, or the Lexington Surgery Center.


The fellow will be required to conduct six journal clubs per year. The fellow will also be provided with a suggested reading list. Clinical case conferences will be held throughout the week during which interesting or representative cases will be presented and discussed. The pediatric ophthalmology faculty’s regularly scheduled resident didactics occur December through February. The fellow will be encouraged to attend and participate in these sessions.


One half-day per week will be allotted for research/educational pursuits. The fellow will be encouraged to attend the AAPOS meeting in the spring and submit a paper for presentation, but there is not a research requirement. The fellow will have access to the Department of Ophthalmology’s clinical research resources, including research coordinators and statisticians. Currently, the faculty are active in the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator’s Group.


Applications should be submitted through the Central Application Service, and we participate with the SFmatch. The deadline for application submission is October 1st , and interviews will take place during October and November.

At this time, applications from foreign medical graduates are not being accepted.

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Questions by phone or email may be directed to Fellowship Coordinator, Sherrie Fleckinstein at (859) 323-9870 or

Fellowship Director, Dr. Christi Willen, can be reached by email at