CAS Guide for Adults

What will happen before my surgery?

We may ask you to go to the Preoperative Anesthesia Clinic before your surgery. This visit will let us check your overall health. It will also lower the chance your surgery is delayed or cancelled.

Things to bring to this clinic visit:

  • Complete list of medicines you are taking
  • Recent test reports you may have, including
    • Blood work
    • EKG
    • X-rays
  • Results of any recent heart evaluations, including
    • Doctors notes
    • Test reports

You may not need to visit the Preoperative Anesthesia Clinic. In that case, a nurse will call you before your surgery. The nurse will go over your health history and give you details about your surgery. It is very important you speak to a nurse before your surgery. We may have to delay or cancel your surgery if you do not speak with the nurse.

The day before surgery

A nurse will call you the day before your surgery to tell you:

  • What time you need to get to the hospital
  • What time you need to stop eating and drinking

It is very important that you follow these instructions. We may have to delay or cancel your surgery if you do not follow these instructions.

If you miss this call, please call 859-323-5849 or 1-800-898-7644 to speak with a nurse.

The day of surgery

  • Complete the Surgery Checklist.
  • Lobby space is limited. Please bring no more than 2 people with you for your surgery. An adult must be able to drive you home.
  • Arrive on time. If you do not arrive on time, your surgery may be delayed or cancelled.
  • Park at the UK Hospital Garage at 110 Transcript Avenue.