When you Arrive

  • After you park, take the elevators to Level A. The shuttle is on Level A.
  • Take the shuttle from the garage to Pavilion A. It is the first shuttle stop.
  • Exit the shuttle, then go to the Registration Desk. It is to the right of the entrance.
  • The Registration staff will take your insurance information and confirm your name, birthday, address, and other information. They will then direct you to the CAS elevators.

If you need help with directionsto the parking garage, please enter your address onto the following page to receive personalized directions: http://ukhealthcare.uky.edu/directions-PavH.aspx

When you arrive at the Center for Advanced Surgery

Once you leave Registration and have checked in at the CAS lobby:

  • We will call you to the pre-op unit.
  • One adult guest may go with you and stay with you until we take you to surgery. If that guest leaves, another may not take their place.
  • We will take your vital signs. You will change into a hospital gown. You will place all your belongings in a hospital bag.
  • Your guest will need to take care of your belongings. There is no storage area for your belongings. At least one adult guest must stay in the CAS lobby at all times during your surgery.
  • For adults with special needs, two adults may stay with them until we take them to surgery. One of these adults must be a legal guardian, if this applies.
  • A pre-op nurse and an anesthesia team member will review your health history and ask about medicines you take. We will start an IV.